SKY RE Background

Company Background

SKY RE Facultative and Treaty Limited was duly incorporated and licensed as an international Reinsurance company under the provisions of the Nevis International Insurance Ordinance 2004 (and amendments) in December 2013 and is, therefore, a relatively new arrival within the global Reinsurance industry.

The original rationale for the establishment of the company was to provide suitable reinsurance options for clients who were having difficulty in placing coverage within the conventional reinsurance market due to either the geographical location of the risks or the nature of the risks themselves and to provide competitive and appropriate solutions in such instances.

Still a relative newcomer to the industry sector, SKY RE has made significant progress in its first two years of operations, operating from its primary office at Hunkins Water Front Jewels, Charlestown, Nevis under the guidance of CEO, Mrs Leticia Nisbett-Dore who is permanently based at Sky RE’s office and is readily accessible.

Company Structure

SKY RE currently counts with a limited number of full-time collaborators who enable the company to maintain low operating expenses/costs. Elements of underwriting and claims activity within the company are currently outsourced to third party specialists.

This allows SKY RE to further control costs but still have specialized third party professionals representing the best interests of the company and its policyholders.


SKY RE presently hires specialized and experienced underwriters depending on the location of the risk and the class of the business being reinsured. This allows the client companies to rely on expert support without the full operational expense of maintaining such personnel.

Once terms have been settled, all contracts are duly bound by the Nevis Office.


As with the underwriting, SKY RE currently does not maintain its own Claims Department.

Whenever any significant loss is reported to the company, SKY RE will engage a local specialist loss adjuster who will handle the matter directly with the parties involved and, if appropriate, engage a surveyor on behalf of SKY RE.

Once again keeping operational costs low and allowing clients to have expert assistance whenever requested.

Additional Support

In addition to the company’s internal accounting procedures through Treasury, the licensed and regulated Insurance Manager to SKY RE, AMS Insurance (Nevis) Ltd. also provides client accounting services on a quarterly and annual basis.

Furthermore, the approved Auditor of the company is Rives & Associates, LLP based in North Carolina, United States, which prepares annual audited financial statements to the company in compliance with the provisions of the NIIO 2004 (and amendments).


As the company continues to develop itself, it is anticipated that additional personnel will be recruited to fulfill some of the existing functions that are currently being outsourced.

It is also an ambition of the management team to seek a formal Rating for the company during the course of 2017.