KUBE and Global Pacific priority notice

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SKY RE Facultative & Treaty Ltd.
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We are in receipt of copies of letters purporting to be from a French entity, KUBE Insurance & Reinsurance SAS to a policy holder in the State of New York in the United States. The ceding broker is stated to be Global Pacific Solutions. The documents are all labeled “Indemnity Bond” with reference numbers SKY42Q2015SEVPRO, SKY45Q2015CACABERE, SKY46Q2015KABERE, SKY47Q2015ACE and SKY48Q2015ZEEOT. These documents purports to be written on behalf of SKY RE Facultative and Treaty and includes various commencement dates in October 2015.

We would inform that whilst initial dialogue took place earlier in April 2015 with Global Pacific Solutions about potential surety bond reinsurance, formal written notice was provided by SKY RE in July 2015 that we were not prepared to enter into any such contract.

SKY RE has not agreed to any contracts of any kind with KUBE Insurance & Reinsurance SAS
nor with Global Pacific Solutions as up to date

SKY RE Facultative and Treaty Ltd makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the issued document and the information on this website. SKY RE runs digital signature system, which allows our partners to attest validity of the document since June 30, 2015. SKY RE also runs an Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer (EVĀ SSL) encrypted connection, attested by GeoTrustĀ® as an enhanced security feature. Such documents even if had been issued by us are to be signed digitally. An example of the signature is hereby attached.

SKY RE is taking the necessary steps to investigate the circumstances in which it came to be involved but in the meantime wishes to withdraw from any liability. All rights of SKY RE are and continue to be fully reserved.